Rune Sovndahl was born in Copenhagen Denmark in 1975, with a international influences at home, and with a family involved in technology right from the start Rune have been interested in technology, business and international culture since he was a child.

His passion is in food and traveling, the discovery of new cultures and tasting new cuisines. Rune likes to have fun and socialise, currently he resides in the city of London the square mile, where he has his London base.

Rune have worked in technology since 1994 and with 15 years experience in technology he has worked on more projects and products across a plethora of sectors, rune is very very sharp on business models and technology plans and how technology fits in with human interaction, he is a technical marketing specialist ranging from Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search, Natural Search, Brand Discovery and Brand Protection and Brand visibility.

His technology influences come from the early inspiration of William Gibson and Virtual Light, his interests involve Augmented Reality and Location Specific Marketing, with the growth of Mobile and always Connected devices and software the marketing and social networking experience is becoming coming more like future he envisioned.

His early days in technology involved a location based system in 2001 and the early development of a 3g platform for locating restaurants and shops and mass marketing as well as one of the first interactive sms campaigns on tv in the UK.

Rune is now working on sustainable business models in the mobile and internet space and securing income and profits on websites and mobile projects as well as optimising for marketing and usability he is looking at the full value chain of the customers.

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