Danish Kartoffel Salat / Potato Salad

Kartoffel Salat/ Potato Salad:
Ingredients for two to three persons:

Preperation time: 25mins.
Time til ready about 1h 30mins.
500g of the finest small potatoes you can find, preferredly from your own back yard, but a bag of chalottes will do.
1 dusk of Purl√łg ( dont know what it is called here and you cant find it anywhere so just forget it or use )
Dill, also preferredly from you garden, but again you can find it in all supermarkets.
125g of Creme Fraiche,
125g of Mayonaise, you can make it yourself, but it takes wuite some time is you dont have an automatic whisker.
a tabl spoon of French Mustard, not thesweet English one but the strong French one.
1 Charlotte Onion, finely chopped.
Salt and Pepper, the standard in all European cooking.

1. Wash the potatoes, if you where so lucky to have some in your back yard, then you need to scrub them gently to rinse all the dirt off, it you bought a bag, then it is washed, but not clean enough, clean them gently and if they are nice keep the skin on. If not just boil them.

2. Boil them for app. 7 minutes, make sure they are still hard and not all mashed. once finished pour cold water over them until they are cold and place them in the fridge.

3. Mix the Creme Fraiche with salt pepper and a tbl spoon of strong french mustard, and the mayonaise. Chop the onion in small fine pieces, and add it to the creme. Then taste it and season it with either some more creme fraiche or mustard until you find a nice taste, of freshness, summer and strong fresh salt air, add a little extra salt to make it a real danish summer effect.

3. Depending on how slow you are at chopping the dill, and the onion your potatoes should be ready now.

4. Cut the potatoes into smal bytesized sizes, sometimes it is enough just to cut them in two. Do not make them too small we ar enot making mashed summer mash.

5. Blend the potatoes with the dressing you just made and leav in the fridge until serving preferredly one day in advance, but you can eat them imediately.

6. Served them with the Warm Frikadeller you will make now.

God Appetit = Bon Appetit.


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